Meet Kara Campuzano

Kara Campuzano

Kara Campuzano

Age: 30

What she does in Salem: I promote Salem! I sell the beautiful convention center space and adjoining hotel to meeting planners that are looking, or sometimes not looking, for a venue to hold their annual conferences, conventions, trade-shows and more. I also work with different media platforms on advertisement opportunities for the Salem Convention Center.

What she does when she’s not working: When I am not working I am with my husband and two beautiful children. We spend most of our weekends on home remodeling projects and in the spring/summer you will find me busy in my garden.

Why do you live and work in the Mid-Valley? I choose to live and work in the mid-valley as it is a wonderful place to raise a family. We are within an hour of all the beauty in Oregon. Salem offers a small town feel. I know that every-time I visit the grocery store I will see someone I know!

What’s your favorite Salem secret?: Willamette Valley Friends Co-op

Which Salem leader would you like to have lunch with? Former Mayor Anna Peterson

What would people be surprised to learn about you? I was raised out in the country with horses for most of my childhood life.

What were you like at 12 years old? I was a little quieter. I never liked doing anything that would get me in trouble. I was in band, girl scouts and involved with the school’s journalism club. I loved being in the outdoors but was still very girly girl.

Cat or dog? Both

What’s your smartphone? iPhone

Favorite social media platform? Instagram

Mac or Windows? Windows