2017 Great Salem Race Review

Over one hundred people gathered at the Salem Convention Center on Saturday, August 19, to participate in the seventh annual Great Salem Race. 42 teams dressed in costumes raced to solve clues, complete challenges and have fun at the event hosted by the Salem Young Professionals.

The Great Salem Race is the ultimate Salem scavenger hunt and team building experience. Open to all ages, teams of two to four received a list of clues which led them to local businesses in downtown Salem. Traveling only on foot, each team had to complete challenges such as filtering water or performing a monologue before receiving a stamp for their completion. After visiting all locations, teams traveled back to the Convention Center to cross the finish line and enjoy post-race festivities.

“This is an affordable, family-friendly, action-packed event downtown that brings families and businesses together,” said Morgan Sund, chair of the planning team. “After being involved last year in the planning of the Great Salem Race, there was no way I would stand back and not participate this year.” Sund is on the leadership team of Salem Young Professionals, a program of the Inspire Foundation that exists to connect professionals in their 20s and 30s and provide professional development opportunities.


“Cities in Oregon” wins 1st place in the competitive division.

Leading the pack in the competitive division was Cities in Oregon with a time of 57:45. Each team member’s costume represented a different city in Oregon: Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, and Salem. Taking second place and winning best costume was Where’d They Go? clocking in at 59:35 and dressed in candy cane stripes as Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?”. Finishing only 20 seconds later, West Salem Foursquare finished at 59:55.

Team Emoji won the family division with a time of 1:01:49. This team of four was familiar with the victory circle after taking second place last year. The Flying Platy-Pi took second place with 1:10:09 followed by The Acosta Avenger taking third at 1:11:24.

“Where’d They Go?” wins best costume.

The fun didn’t end after the race. Back at the Convention Center, food, drinks and live music awaited race participants. Each competitor received a beverage and ice cream sponsored by CD Redding Construction. El Patron Mexican Grill was also on the scene selling their food. As people waited for the rest of the teams to arrive, they could play cornhole, join a water balloon toss or even joust in a bounce house. Live music by Cool, Calm and Collected, a jazz group of recent North Salem High School graduates, kept the scene lively by playing covers of popular songs.

Salem Health was the title sponsor for the event this year. “The Great Salem Race encourages families and friends to be active and see their community in a new way,” explained Bryce Petersen, community relations liaison for the hospital. “Salem Health is proud to sponsor events like the Great Salem Race that promote healthy and active lifestyles.” Other sponsors were B2 Taphouse, Salem Electric and the Ike Box.

Young Pros Planning Team

Clue locations included Exitus Escape Rooms, which ended up being one of the more difficult parts of the Great Salem Race, and the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge, where the Salem Leadership Foundation was located. Other locations included: Salem Creative Network, Salem Summit Company, Taproot, the Verona Studio, Willamette Valley Kitchen Company, Willamette Valley Music Company, Willson Park at the Capitol, and the YMCA.

“I received multiple businesses’ feedback that they appreciated the opportunity to be a clue location and share their business with the community,” Sund remarked. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

See more photos of the event here!

Register for the 2018 Great Salem Race by August 1, 2018 to take advantage of discounted rates:

The Great Salem Race is an event planned by Salem Young Professionals in partnership with the Salem Leadership Foundation.

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YoungPros Spotlight: Meet David White

David MD White

David MD White

Age: 38

What do you do in Salem: Provide custom commercial insurance options for clients who understand the importance of having the right coverage. I also provide assistance to many of the captive agencies here in Oregon, who have very limited options for their clients.

What do you do when you’re not working: I spend most of my time with my two year old mischief maker (my son) going to the Kroc Center to swim or taking him out to the disc golf course so I can sneak in a round of golf.

Why do you choose to live and work in the Mid-Valley: Well, its a heck of a lot better than being in Kansas, no tornadoes, no 90 degree days with 100% humidity and we have hills and real trees here.

Favorite Mid-Valley secret: I can’t tell you or it wouldn’t be a secret.

Which Salem leader would you like to have lunch with? Nick Williams (done)

What would people be surprised to learn about you? I drove farm machinery & semi trucks from the ages of 7-11 at various farm shows to show how easy it was to operate. I was paid in ice cream.

What were you like at 12 years old? Obnoxious, wild and out of control.

Dog or cat? Dogs

What’s your smartphone? Whatever is on sale on Amazon.

Favorite social media platform: Facebook

Mac or Windows? Windows

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Meet Kara Campuzano

Kara Campuzano

Kara Campuzano

Age: 30

What she does in Salem: I promote Salem! I sell the beautiful convention center space and adjoining hotel to meeting planners that are looking, or sometimes not looking, for a venue to hold their annual conferences, conventions, trade-shows and more. I also work with different media platforms on advertisement opportunities for the Salem Convention Center.

What she does when she’s not working: When I am not working I am with my husband and two beautiful children. We spend most of our weekends on home remodeling projects and in the spring/summer you will find me busy in my garden.

Why do you live and work in the Mid-Valley? I choose to live and work in the mid-valley as it is a wonderful place to raise a family. We are within an hour of all the beauty in Oregon. Salem offers a small town feel. I know that every-time I visit the grocery store I will see someone I know!

What’s your favorite Salem secret?: Willamette Valley Friends Co-op

Which Salem leader would you like to have lunch with? Former Mayor Anna Peterson

What would people be surprised to learn about you? I was raised out in the country with horses for most of my childhood life.

What were you like at 12 years old? I was a little quieter. I never liked doing anything that would get me in trouble. I was in band, girl scouts and involved with the school’s journalism club. I loved being in the outdoors but was still very girly girl.

Cat or dog? Both

What’s your smartphone? iPhone

Favorite social media platform? Instagram

Mac or Windows? Windows

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Breakfast with the Mayor

Breakfast with the Mayor SYP

An excellent breakfast with Mayor Bennett this morning, followed by an intimate tour of Oregon’s Capitol. Topics of discussion included homelessness, transportation infrastructure and downtown vibrancy. Thanks Sassy Onion for the delicious breakfast, Representative Post for hosting us and SYP members for hanging out.

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